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  • Geological Engineer
    Job Role: Years of Experiance: Location:
    Ref: JB 198205     Date Posted: 2016-06-29
    Works alongside geologists and other engineers.
    Locates and appraises ore deposits.
    Solves problems and obstacles related to land reclamation and water and air pollution.
    Ensures workers are practicing safe extraction methods.
    Inspects surfaces of walls and roofs for cracks.
    Monitors air quality.
    Examines mining equipment for compliance with safety practices.
    Determines if ore deposits can be mined for profit.
    Studies maps and waterways.
    Plans and directs mining operations.
    Decides where to dig pits for surface mining.
    Designs equipment used to excavate mines.
    Designs equipment that cuts and carves out rocks and coal.
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